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My name is Eril, and I am an eco-conscious blogger and emotional health + mindset coach. 

My purpose is to help creative, introspective souls clarify their desires in life, improve their relationships with themselves and others, as well as live with more emotional balance. 

I am enamored by personal development and intuitive based action. My knowledge of eco-conscious, intentional and sustainable living is hugely indicative of my success in building my dream life. 

Deeply embedded in my heart is my belief that growth and connection with others leads to systemic change. Through vulnerability and metaphors with nature, I hope to provide raw, honest and helpful content that can help you change your life.  

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me, as we explore how to manage our emotions and live in this world to become the best versions of ourselves.

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"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

I provide insight on my journey and blog by utilizing my growth mindset and careful reflection of my own identity. My support is strong for local businesses, low impact living, and cultural sensitivity. With my firm belief in the power that lies in understanding our roles in this complex and intersectional world, I've come to acknowledge that my perspective matters - Our voices and representation matter, and ultimately, we are not alone in our struggles. I want you, the reader, to be aware of the beauty this world holds, regardless of these struggles and obstacles that stand in the way.

Through conversation, I hope we can plant the seeds needed to yield a garden. Let's connect and learn from one another.

Passion not perfection, my dears.

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Love the Earth as you Love People 

When you think about it, we put so much of our hearts into the people we love and the work we do (assuming we are working with a passion), but have you ever thought of the love that the Earth deserves? I am all for the “love people, use things” mentality, but I want to also ensure that we do what we can to pay respect to the planet that has provided us with a home and place to simply breathe

My hope is for whiteroseteaa to be a place where I will highlight my thoughts of the planet, human interactions with it, and how we can improve ourselves to provide a better future for those to come. 

Let’s do our part to love the earth.

Resources for Self Growth

Below are some of my favorite resources for self growth. If you want the full (ongoing) list which includes mental health resources, journaling prompts, self teaching sites and more, then click here. [resources + links in process]