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The Power of Education

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Like other children of immigrant parents, we were brought to America so we could have a better life than the one that our parent(s) lived. Being in the “land of opportunity”, we are expected to take advantage of our education and seek high paying jobs to give back to our parents, maintain an image, and also secure ourselves financially for the future. I knew this, sought out higher education, and got my bachelor’s degree. For clarification, I explain how my education (an environmental science degree) brought me to where I am today with whiteroseteaa.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I value education dearly. Taking it upon myself to figure out how to get to college and what was needed from me to be a high achieving student, I worked countless hours to be the best academic version of myself. I speak more about this in my academic portfolio . . .

. . . but let me make this brief & clear: 

You are not defined by your degree, your grades, or the school you went to.

You are not defined by your job choices, your career path/switches, or the pace at which you graduate (or don’t).

You are defined instead by your values, your efforts, and your intentions behind all your actions. You are defined by what you learn, what you put into practice, and the blessings you decide to recognize. 

Education, formal or informal, can open doors for us all. And continuing your education in subjects and issues that matter to you will make you powerful, influential, and will allow you to connect with other like minded individuals who have hopes & dreams in alignment with you. Whether you are educated within university walls, online certificates, or self study courses, your education is valuable, and passing down the importance of an education is crucial for future generations.