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Love Notes for the Holiday Season 💌

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This holiday season, I want to extend thanks to my communities, friends, family and loved ones. The way I plan on doing this is by implementing a project I call: Love Notes for the Holiday Season 💌

❀ What will this process entail?

I will design a personalized love note to you, in the form of an e-card for the holidays, with the answer you provided to me in the form below (as a gentle reminder to you) as well as a note from me. I will send it to your email inbox by the holiday of your choosing.

❀ Why am I doing this?

This project is a combination of my passion and values of environmental sustainability and writing. I want to be able to express gratitude and spread love to others without having to use an excessive amount of resources to do so. Feel free to browse my website to see more of my musings on environmentalism and self love, or message me personally if you have questions beyond what you’ve read.

❀ What are my goals for this?

I’m going to write a blog post detailing more of my goals and if I achieved them after this project, but let me state a few of my goals for those curious:

1) Simply put, I want to be that little nudge during the holiday season that reminds you of the answer you gave me in this form. I intentionally crafted these questions to help you realize the importance of practicing compassion (for yourself and others), working toward goal achievement, and becoming emotionally aware.

2) I want to encourage you to be more present and to slow down. I hope that sending these emails before the holiday season will cause you to pause and cherish this moment, to show love and gratitude where necessary.

3) The holidays can be a stressful time, and sometimes you may forget what other emotions you are capable of feeling. I want to reassure you that emotions are beautiful, and feeling them in their entirety can, and will, make you a stronger person.

4) As 2018 comes to an end, I want to help you become more reflective, to ask yourself questions like these to better understand what you value, what’s important to you, and how your life right now, is a place of abundance and love.

With that, I invite you to fill out this form and participate in this project of mine. A love note from both yourself and from me. — A well deserved love note, during a time you may need it most.

I can’t wait to see what will flourish from this.

In Love and Gratitude,

Eril M | @whiteroseteaa


Link to the form:

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