Minimalism and Meaning

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Why Minimalism?

I was first introduced to minimalism from my youtube inspiration Lavendaire in 2014, as well as The Minimalists podcasts in 2016 that I found on Itunes. It was also a culmination of my experiences from discovering Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up that prompted me to begin this journey of intentional living. The parts of minimalism I fell in love with were having purpose with the items brought into my life, relying more on experiences rather than material items for happiness, and doing what I could to find meaning in this world. I became conscious of how I was living at the time and decided I didn’t want to continue letting each day pass by without trying to allocate my time properly to achieve my dreams – With minimalism as a foundation to live my ideal life, I have found more happiness with the people I surround myself around, the work and activities that I do, as well as peace within myself as I continue blossoming into the person I wish to be.

Everyday, I am practicing and incorporating the values of minimalism – Though I am not perfect with what I do, I know that my intentions are always to have a better life than what I lived before. That I can live a life without deprivation of material items. That I can rather emphasize intrinsically valued experiences and items that bring meaning to my life.

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