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A Conversation on Cultural Preservation

As a Pilipinx* American, I have been struggling to figure out how to balance my values and lifestyle with my culture. I want to be able to preserve the culture of my people, despite certain materialistic values they may hold. But something huge to consider is that there are language barriers – I am American born and do not speak my own language fluently. My mother’s side is from Pampanga, therefore their dialect is Kapampangan. My father’s side resides in Calamba, so they speak Tagalog, which is more universally understood. I think often of the stories both sides of my family have told me about cultural preservation and legacies to be left behind. I also think of this alongside my current discovery and conservation of my values. Considering the life I want to live and provide for my family, I aspire to figure out that balance and bridge the barrier that exists when communicating my thoughts and feelings.

I believe that this all starts with conversation. Then it continues with practice. I cannot expect people to just understand and follow the reasoning for which I live my life, but I can show them the benefits of what it has done to improve my well being. Showing, not telling, can be quite effective in this case. But the importance of telling in a language they can understand? That form of literacy is something I value, and I should not be hypocritical to that if I am trying to uphold my values.

Ultimately, I can’t expect my family to fully understand what I say in English, so I must do my part to learn my language(s) and meet them halfway, if not 75-100% of the way. I hope conversation and practice can do the same for you, the reader, as you embark on a similar journey of preserving your culture, encouraging conversation, and cultivating genuine interest for one another’s stories.

Why Pilipinx* and not…

– Pilipino/Pilipina*

– Filipino/Filipina*

There is an explanation on @thisisnotpilipinx that explains what it means *

Brown Papaya also has a good explanation why *

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