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about me

Hi, my name is Eril, and I am an eco-conscious blogger, writer, designer and emotional health & mindset coach.

I want to thank you for finding this space and allowing yourself to be open and receptive to change. Honestly, I’m so grateful to have you here. 

choosing emotional health as my coaching focus 

If you ask any of my friends to describe me in one word, most likely they would say “emotional.” And honestly, it’s not a bad thing to be emotional.

It’s healthy to express your emotions, and it’s even healthier to know how to balance both positive and negative emotions, to know how to navigate these feelings by going through them and not avoiding them. 

I strongly believe that the universe blessed me with the skills of emotional intelligence and has helped open my eyes to my natural gift of coaching others to live their best life. 

My coaching services are tentative to begin February 2019. Stay tuned for updates. 

the beginning roots of whiteroseteaa 

I have always had a fascination with intentional living and being ecologically conscious with my consumer purchases, but it’s personally been a journey doing this on my own without a role model that looks like me #magandangmorenx . I decided to take the initiative to become that person for someone else in the future.

Seeking out a space to share my thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams for the world was a frightening journey to embark on. After putting in the work to make whiteroseteaa a reality, I’ve come to realize that my gifts are useful in this world. With that, I’ve expanded beyond my comfort zone and am offering my skills in writing, design and coaching to people with those needs. 

here at whiteroseteaa, i will share my thoughts and resources on:

❀ intentional living ❀ sustainability ❀ mindfulness ❀ self-growth ❀ empowerment ❀ community building ❀ cultural barriers ❀ and more

Read more about my values here.

I coach and write for a better world. 

As cheesy as it may sound, I blog and coach not only for myself, but in hopes of helping the world become a better place. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, connect with other like-minded individuals, and teach others the value of their culture, sustainable and intentional living, and how achieving your dreams is possible. 

I wanted to have a platform to address issues I find passion in discussing & learning about, such as minimalism, sustainability and my own Pilipinx heritage. As a first generation Pilipinx who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, I feel that I hold a perspective that can ignite the type of conversations we need to have, both comfortable and uncomfortable. I recognize my own privilege within the conversation topics I will bring up, but I am more than willing to practice humility, compassion, and genuine communication to uphold a space in which we can all blossom.

my vision

This platform will be a combination of my own written blog posts and reflections on the world. I will cultivate infographics packed with the tools and resources needed for you to figure out what can work for you in your life (pinterest in the making). I plan to launch coaching services early 2019 after completing my training. I’m also in the process of designing websites and transitioning into the world of tech.

My hope is for whiteroseteaa to become a community for those who need support, a place of solidarity when we are hurting and when we are lost. Whiteroseteaa will be a place where you can discover how to be the person you want to be, to leave the impact you want on the world, and to find peace with where you are so you can always manage to be your best self. I want whiteroseteaa to be a place where we learn to forgive, love, and grow from our experiences. 

museum of ice cream

Why “whiteroseteaa?”

white: wholeness, completion, starting new

rose: love and beauty

tea: being at peace, calm, and mindful

♡ you are whole on your own – you can have a new beginning if you have stumbled off the path of self love – you are deserving of love – you are naturally beautiful – you can find peace with what the world provides 

I hope you will support this journey of mine and keep up with my growth. Much love and power to you.

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